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当サイトで配布されているフォントは個人使用や非営利目的の場合は基本的に自由に使用することができます。個人運営のサイトの場合はリンク(を貼って下さい。バナーが必要な場合はこちら。また、URLをGuest Boardに残すか、メールにてお知らせ下さい。
About font
The fonts provided in this website 'This is Typography' are free of charge for individual purpose. Feel free to use them for all your design. If the use of the font is for your individual site, please link your site to 'This is Typography'( and tell me your URL by mail or Guest Board. Need banner? Here.
In the case of commercial purpose or your business you must contact me so that you can be allowed to use them and also it is the same case if it attracts much attention in public for non-commercial purpose. Please note that I might have to, however, charge you if the things you are going to use my fonts in are on a large scale.

フォントのインストール How to install fonts

All Fonts, graphic, text and photos in the website 'This is Typography' without specific notice belong to Tomoyuki Watanabe (Tee-wat). Reproduction, redistribution and any modifications are prohibited in any way. In no event will Tomoyuki Watanabe (Tee-wat) be liable to you for consequential or incidential damage arising out of the use of or inabilitiy to use the the fonts in the website 'This is Typography'.

Copyright(C)2002-2006 Tomoyuki Watanabe A.K.A Tee-wat
フォントをダウンロードしたらGuest Boardにメッセージを残して下さい。今後のフォント作りの参考のために、どのフォントをダウンロードしたか、または気にいったかを明記してくれると大変助かります。
Please leave a message after downloading my fonts. If you could write which fonts you have taken, that would be helpful in order to create another new fonts.
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